Justin R. Crawford

 crawf178 at msu.edu


:: Work Experience ::


November 2006 to Jan 2007:

Contract Programmer for Bluewater Technologies, Southfield, MI

-          Programmed C# game application to run on public display at the Palace of Auburn Hills.

-          Developed with Visual Studio 2005

-          Used LabJack USB interface for collecting user input, and Serial Port based power supply for powering flashing lights.

-          Worked with graphic designer to integrate dynamic Flash content

-          Created automated importers and screen shot generators to help speed up development and approval time.

-          Programmed PHP web interface and mySQL backend for interactive kiosks placed in automotive factories, as well as administrative tools to view and respond to requests.

-          Created a C# scanning application to allow users to scan important documents and upload them over a secured HTTPS post.

-          Customized an existing software package to meet other application demands.

-          Used JEdit for PHP, HTML and JavaScript, mySQL tools for database construction/editing, and Visual Studio 2005.


Summer 1998 to Present:

Programmer, AVITEK, Inc., Plymouth, MI.

-          Designed, implemented, and maintained multiple Windows GUI products in use on a worldwide basis by Ford Engineering personnel, mainly for vehicle diagnostics and development.

-          GUI Applications allow users to easily configure diagnostic tests using script files (PIDs, trigger conditions, etc.), collect data from AVITEK modules (through serial port or modem communication), and then process data to view results in standard formats.

-          Developed with Visual Studio 5/6.

-          Programmed embedded applications in assembly for EMC testing of CAN and LIN devices using Freescale/Motorola Star12 (HCS12) processor.

-          Designed company website (www.avtk.com).


June 2005 to December 2005:

Contract Programmer for Bluewater Technologies, Southfield, MI

-          Programmed Java application to run on public Kiosk.

-          Included a graphical form designer for administrators to add new material on the fly.

-          Used JNI to allow users to scan pictures from a standard TWAIN scanner.


January 2005 to May 2005:

Student Developer, p2p research project for Network and Infrastructure Labs, Motorola, Inc., Schaumburg, IL., through Michigan State University CSE Capstone Project

-          Led research into JXTA Framework to analyze future prospects for Motorola p2p Networks.

-          Developed p2p network application and distributed database system to be used with existing Motorola Software.

-          Analyzed prospects and benefits of multiple approaches to network solution.

-          Used Eclipse, Java2 SDK, JavaDoc, CVSNT, JDOM, XML, and XPATH in development process.

-          Managed group progress, coordinated development, and programmed application core.

-          Consulted regularly with Kabe VanderBaan, Senior Research Engineer at Motorola Labs.


Summer 1997:

Employed by Semiconductor Hybrid Assembly, Farmington, MI.

-          Assembled and soldered electronic devices.

-          Designed company website.


:: Programming Experience ::


Proficient in: Visual C++, Visual Basic 6, Java, Visual Basic.net, C#, PHP

Environments: Visual Studio 6, Visual Studio 2005, Eclipse, Codewright, JEdit

Experience with: mySQL/SQL, CVS/CVSNT, DirectX, OpenGL, MIPS/SPARC Assembly, Motorola 68000 Assembly, JavaScript, HTML, XML, XPATH, ASP.NET, JXTA, JavaDoc, Unix, Photoshop, GIMP, Shockwave, Powerpoint, Excel, Automotive CAN, LIN, SPI, SCI/UART, Ford Vehicle Diagnostics, Prolog, Scheme


:: Education ::


Michigan State University:

B.S. Computer Science, May 2005

GPA: 3.57/4.0 - Graduated With Honors

Honors College Member


Plymouth-Canton High School:

Graduated June 2001

GPA: 4.0/4.0

National Merit Commended Student


:: Miscellaneous ::


Website Design

-          www.recordsretrieval.net, www.patrick-roy.com, www.avtk.com, www.justincrawford.net

Plymouth-Canton Special Olympics Volunteer

5 years of German