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Trivia Zone - Developed for Visual Productions Inc. Click here for details

Visual Basic

ADR Link 2.0 - Updated version of ADR Link using new features of the ADR2 Module.  Includes XP theme support, real time graphing, and enhanced user interface.

ADL AVITEK DATA LOGGER - VB 6.0 GUI Application for interaction with ADL module used to log CAN and SCP Network Traffic.

ADRLink ADR Link - VB 6.0 User Interface to ADR Module used to record vehicle data. Processes data, creates test strategies, and displays realtime data.


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Kiosk Application - A Java application developed for Blue Water Technologies that includes email, scanning, xml parsing and on the fly content addition. 


www.avtk.com - Second professional site created around 1999. (The first one is no longer on the web.)

www.recordsretrieval.net - Currently incomplete, but with plans to include database interactions, etc.

patrick-roy.com - Not exactly professional, but it has had about 150,000 visitors in the past 3 or 4 years. 


LevRacer - A 3D Futuristic racing game written using OpenGL with Visual C++.  Implements simple physics, simple collision detetction, and runs at 250+ fps on average hardware.

Custom Terrain Engine - Built using a combination of BDAM and ROAM, this terrain engine utilizes batched primitives and a right triangle binary tree hierarchy to display large heightmap datasets.   Achieves  15 million textured triangles per second without using vertex arrays.  Uses openGL and Visual C++.

Tetris - Two-day Group project with Dave Nelson and Chris Lee.  MFC based version of Tetris using Visual C++.


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